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Karen Wong Ceramics & Art was founded in 2015 by Hong Kong ceramic artist Karen Wong. We work in the field of ceramics.  Our vision is to encourage everybody to experience ceramic art. We work closely with the community and run external courses for schools, youth groups and companies to bring ceramic art to as many people as possible. We also run studio-based workshops where we teach individuals and groups ceramic skills. We encourage people to explore their natural talent in this most ancient art form.

We have been commissioned by restaurants and shops to develop and produce a unique range of ceramic ware. Often this work involves developing ceramic ware around a company’s brand or identity.

Our company focus on the promotion of contemporary ceramic art and showcase emerging local artists. We exhibit ceramic artists work and we encourage local and international artists to use our workshop and facilities. This ensures local artist are aware of and challenged by international developments and trends in the international arena. 

Central to Karen’s philosophy is a belief that the unexpected sparks creativity and that new people, ideas and spaces nurture the evolution of artistic practice. The company dual mission is to provide artists with opportunities and space to explore their ceramic concepts. In turn we aim to promote public awareness of the ceramic arts. Through residencies, workshops, public events, talks and exhibitions, we support the process and work of ceramic artists in the community.





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Fine Art

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